Client Area (3)

How to access and navigate you client area

Email Clients (4)

How to configure different email clients


 How to Login to your client area

   1. Go to the login page (https://dashboard.kjwtechsolutions.co.uk/index.php?rp=/login) 2....

 How to access emails through your client area

   1. From your client area home page, select services:    2. Click on your services/...

 How to Setup a cPanel Email account with Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a friendly email client software for managing your email. You can set-up a...

 How to Set up a cPanel Email Account with Outlook 2019

  You can set up a cPanel email account with Microsoft Outlook 2019 and manage your...

 How to Add a cPanel email account on Apple/iOS

You can add a cPanel email account to your Apple IOS mobile and be able to automatically...

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